We’re also proud to offer Cook & Lake County residents these additional services:

Because we know the residents and businesses in and around Cook & Lake County, Illinois, often need services that may be somewhat outside the scope of HVAC, we’ve opted to offer our customers the following ones in addition to our regular HVAC service lineup:

Water Heater Installation & Consultation

At Assurance, we offer our customers prompt professional water heater consultation and installation services. Once our comfort consultants have helped you select the water heater that’s most appropriate for your needs, our experienced installers will have your new gas or electric water heater properly hooked up and heating your water in no time. If your water heater is no longer providing a dependable source of hot water for your home or business and you think it may be time for a new one, give our consultants a call.

Snow-Melt Systems Installation & Servicing

Winters can be rough in Cook and Lake Counties. In winter, snow accumulation can present a real challenge to carrying on “business as usual” in both our personal and professional lives. So, it’s always helpful when technology comes to our rescue to speed up the melting of the “white stuff.” From sidewalks, driveways and parking slabs to stairways, walkways and entryways, this technology clears away snow effortlessly, maintaining ready access to your property.
That’s exactly why we’ve added snow-melting system installation, maintenance and repair to our menu of services. It’s one way we help make our customers’ lives more convenient. At Assurance, we offer two types of snow-melt systems to turn your outdoor surfaces into sources of radiant heat:

Electric Systems

Electric snow-melting systems consist of a network of hot wires that are insulated and placed inside a protective outer cable. Some systems are available as easy-to-install mats that already have the cable-jacketed wires embedded inside. Typically, these systems are more effective for smaller or medium-sized applications.

IAQ Equipment & Services: Humidifiers & Purifiers

Because your indoor air quality is so important, we offer a selection of humidifiers, purifiers, and other IAQ technologies to help you restore and maintain consistent control of the quality of the air you breathe inside your home or business. We also provide all the services related to your IAQ equipment. Contact our knowledgeable comfort consultants to discuss your IAQ needs and determine which technologies and/or services might benefit you the most.

Hydronic Systems

Hydronic snow-melting systems circulate a hot water and propylene glycol (antifreeze) solution via flexible tubing that has been installed underneath paving bricks or embedded inside a slab of concrete. The tubing can be placed in various configurations to accommodate the area being treated.

Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning Means Comfort & Convenience

Based on the needs of the residents and businesses of our area, we’ve decided to offer these additional services to make life that much easier on our neighbors. No matter what service you need, you can trust Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning to bring you the comfort and convenience you expect from your HVAC provider.

Give us a call if you have any questions about these services or any of our mainstream HVAC service offerings. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions, help you get a quote or schedule your next service.

Serving Areas

We are proud to offer service to all of Buffalo Grove, IL and surrounding areas.

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