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Have Heater Or AC Repair Questions? We Can Help!


Sometimes our customers suspect that there may be a problem with their heating or cooling equipment, but they’re not sure what the problem is or what to look for. As a result, they don’t know whether or not the situation is serious enough to call for furnace repair or AC service.

It’s usually better to have a potential problem checked out as soon as possible rather than waiting until something goes seriously wrong. The sooner you call, the less probability there is of a small problem damaging the rest of the system and causing costly repairs or complete system failure. On the other hand, if the problem is minor, we can sometimes make suggestions over the phone that can save you the cost of a service call.

Indications that you probably need heating or AC repair include:

  • System is making odd sounds or has become noisy
  • Some rooms are warmer or cooler than others
  • Energy costs are increasing every month
  • Indoor air temperature does not match thermostat setting
  • System frequently cycles on and off
  • Unpleasant odors

These symptoms usually signal the need for furnace, heat pump or air conditioner repair. Rather than wait until the problem gets worse, it’s better to call for heater or AC service right away. A small repair might be all that’s needed to correct the problem

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We are proud to offer service to all of Buffalo Grove, IL and surrounding areas.

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