Wrapping Up Summer and Getting Ready for Heating. What Maintenance Will Your HVAC System Need?

As the summer winds down and the fall nears in Glenview, Illinois, many homeowners think about turning off their air conditioners and preparing their heaters for the cold temperatures. While experts predict home heating costs to be lower in 2015/16 than in recent years, it’s still smart to perform proper HVAC maintenance before the winter blows in.

That said, here are three fall maintenance tasks to help prep your heater — and home — for the freeze.

Change Your HVAC System’s Air Filter Today

According to the Department of Energy, changing your filter regularly can improve your HVAC system’s efficiency anywhere from 5 to 15 percent. Depending on your monthly utility bill, that can range from an average of $10 to $50. What’s more, changing your filter at least once per month helps improve indoor air quality. No matter what HVAC maintenance you’re performing, whether it’s before the summer or before the winter, changing your air filter should be a priority.

Inspect Your Air Ducts and Clear Them of Debris

Although it’s recommended that you hire a professional to perform a full air duct inspection, you can conduct a brief inspection by checking exposed duct work for:

  • Loose fittings around the seams
  • Streaks of dirt that indicate escaping air
  • Dents in the metal
  • Collapsed or torn sections of ducts

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to contact a professional. Ignoring a problem with your air ducts can lead to higher utility bills and major repairs.

Remember: Fall Tune-ups Don’t Lead to Winter Screw-Ups

The best thing you can do for your HVAC system before the blustery cold weather arrives is to schedule a fall tune-up. With a heating and air conditioning maintenance plan, you’re able to maintain your system regularly throughout the year so it’s ready for any season at any time.

For more information about how to complete the summer to fall transition, check out this fall maintenance checklist or contact us at (847) 388-0316.

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