When homeowners consider their heating and cooling needs, they often think only about getting a quality HVAC system installed and maintained. It is easy to overlook the water heater, but it is essential to have reliable hot water in Cook and Lake Counties. Homeowners cannot afford to neglect water heater installation and maintenance when they review their heating and cooling needs. Not every HVAC company offers installation and maintenance of water heaters along with their other services. However, homeowners can save time and money when they use the same company for installing and maintaining their HVAC system and their water heater.

Components That Complement One Another

Using the same company for HVAC installation and maintenance as well as water heater installation and maintenance helps homeowners get a better heating and cooling system overall. An HVAC company that also installs water heaters can recommend the water heaters that will work best and most efficiently alongside your HVAC system to reliably deliver affordable hot water.

Convenient Maintenance Scheduling

In addition to system efficiency, an HVAC company that also installs water heaters can make your home maintenance scheduling more convenient. You should regularly maintain your HVAC system to make it will last longer and use less energy, and the same thing is true of your water heater. Not only can Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning install your water heater, but we can also help you maintain it. We can coordinate maintenance visits for your water heater with maintenance on your HVAC to take care of everything at once and save you time.

Hire an Expert

There are many different types of water heaters available, and it can be difficult to pick the one that is best for your home. Our consultants have years of experience assisting homeowners in selecting the best water heater for their needs. For more information on Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning’s water heater installation and maintenance solutions, visit our services page or call 847-338-0316.

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