Simple DIY Chores To Prep Your Air Conditioner for Spring

Summertime is right around the corner, which means it’s time to dedicate a day to cleaning your house and prepping it for the hot temperatures. Since your air conditioner works extremely hard to keep your family comfortable throughout this season, it’s important you give it the love and attention it needs to run reliably and efficiently.

That said, here are three simple DIY chores to prep your air conditioner for spring.

Change Your Filter

The easiest thing you can do to help your AC out is to change its filter regularly. Remember that you should change your filter at least once per month for optimal performance. This is especially important during the summer months when your unit is working harder than usual to provide you with the most comfortable home environment

Here are two types of filter to consider:

  • Fiberglass. Cheap but only last one month.
  • HEPA. Cost more, but you can clean with a vacuum. Last up to six months.

Check the Drainage Pipe and Condensate Drain

Most AC units have a drainage pipe at their base underneath the evaporator fins and a condensate pipe from the air handler. As part of regular AC maintenance, check to ensure these drainage areas are free from obstructions that could stop your system from operating properly.

Schedule Air Conditioner Service

Picking up the phone and hiring a professional technician who’s certified is never a bad idea – and it’s the easiest thing you can do when prepping your unit for the hot and humid months. He or she will be able to take a detailed look at your system and make sure it adheres to the Energy Star AC maintenance checklist. Getting your AC serviced is a great way to save on summer cooling.

For more information about air conditioner service or maintenance, check out Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning or call us at (847) 388-0316.

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