Schedule Furnace Maintenance Now to Beat the Crowds

Here in Buffalo Grove, IL, it’s never too early to think about preparing for the harsh Chicagoland winter. In fact, getting an early start on routine furnace maintenance can save you plenty of trouble down the road.

’Tis the Season for Furnace Maintenance

As the calendar turns toward fall, you can be sure that cold, blustery weather isn’t too far away. If your HVAC system isn’t ready, you could be in for months of unreliable heating and sky-high utility bills. Fortunately, a well-timed seasonal service visit is all it takes to prepare your furnace for what’s ahead. Like servicing your car before a long road trip, fall furnace maintenance ensures your system can cruise through the worst of winter with ease.

Time Your Tune-Up for Maximum Convenience

While there’s no particular deadline for routine heater maintenance, getting a head start does have its advantages. Since many homeowners wait until Old Man Winter is knocking at their doors, getting a last-minute appointment can be difficult. When you schedule earlier in the fall, however, you’ll have much greater flexibility to choose an appointment that suits you. In addition, you’ll be ready to crank up the heat with confidence in case of an unpredictable early-season cold snap.

The Impact of Professional HVAC Care

Basic tasks like monitoring your air filter can certainly improve your HVAC system’s health, but there’s no substitute for professional maintenance. During seasonal tune-ups, qualified service technicians complete a whole series of critical tasks designed to optimize your furnace’s performance. Not only does annual maintenance save energy and reduce wear and tear, but it can even help prevent dangerous malfunctions.

Since 1981, Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been working hard to keep local Chicagoland families comfortable when it matters most. Give us a call today to chat with our qualified service technicians and schedule affordable, comprehensive furnace maintenance at your convenience.

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