Now Is the Ideal Time to Have Your AC Serviced

Originally published in June 2018

HVAC experts recommend scheduling AC maintenance in the spring and summer before turning on the unit in your Buffalo Grove home. Here’s why they make that recommendation:

Protects Your System From Damage

After cooling your home last summer, your air conditioner will be coated with grime. That grit gets into equipment cracks and crevices, and it can damage sensitive, high-tech HVAC units. The thorough cleaning provided during an AC tuneup prepares your system to beat the heat this summer without the added stress of last year’s dirty buildup.

Clears Condensate Drain Line Clogs

The condensate drain line is where your AC eliminates the moisture it extracts from indoor air. Without regular cleaning, that line can get clogged with algae and other contaminants. When the moisture has nowhere to go, it can harm your cooling equipment, create an electrical hazard and damage your property. It can cause musty odors, poor indoor air quality, and high indoor humidity. When the line is cleaned during maintenance, moisture drains freely so your AC can function properly.

Helps Prevent AC Breakdowns and AC Repairs

During maintenance, a professional HVAC technician can identify system vulnerabilities that can cause problems once the summer season is underway. When you schedule a tuneup early, you’ll have plenty of time for AC repair before the hot weather arrives in full force.

Increases Energy Efficiency and Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Operating a dirty air conditioner for any length of time takes a toll on your equipment. It causes the unit to overwork, and that shortens the lifespan of the system. Because dirty buildup makes your air conditioner work harder, it will be less efficient. That means your electric bills will be higher as well.

The AC maintenance technicians at Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning are trained professionals who can restore your unit to an almost-new condition. To learn more about how preventive maintenance can ensure a reliably cool Buffalo Grove, Illinois, home this summer, visit us online or call us at (847) 388-0316 to schedule service.

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