Learn About AFUE Ratings for Furnaces

Making sure your furnace is as efficient as possible can help you manage utility costs throughout the winter in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Understanding furnace efficiency ratings can allow you to make the most cost-effective choice when planning a professional furnace installation for your home or business.

What Are AFUE Ratings?

Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings are determined by comparing the heat output of the system with how much fuel it consumes on a yearly basis. AFUE ratings must be displayed on all new furnaces and boilers to allow consumers to choose the most efficient systems.

The U.S. Department of Energy currently requires new consumer furnaces to meet a minimum AFUE of 80 percent. By late 2028, however, the agency will require AFUE ratings of 95 percent for all new professional furnace installations in the United States.

Why AFUE Ratings Matter

Higher efficiency for your new furnace installation can translate directly into lower heating bills for your home in Buffalo Grove and the surrounding communities. This can add up to significant savings for you and your family. Scheduling annual fall furnace maintenance can also boost the efficiency of your system and reduce the chance of breakdowns that could affect your indoor comfort.

Keeping Your Home Cozy and Your Heating Bills Low

AFUE ratings can help you compare various furnace options when planning to replace your current heating system. A new and efficient system can also improve your indoor air quality by reducing particulates inside your home. Finally, a brand-new system installed by HVAC professionals can help you avoid costly furnace repairs and can help you enjoy greater comfort inside your home.

If you are considering a new furnace for your home in Cook or Lake County, Illinois, Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with outstanding services and the right options for your needs. To learn more about AFUE ratings and why they matter for your furnace installation, call us today. We are here to help you enjoy cozy comfort during the winter months in the Buffalo Grove area.

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