Investing in a Modulating Gas Furnace Saves Energy

One of the top benefits of upgrading to a new furnace in Buffalo Grove, IL is saving energy. A modulating gas furnace offers an ideal combination of comfort and reduced energy use because it incrementally burns more gas to heat your home. Investing in a new modulating gas furnace and professional heating installation provides many years of energy-efficient climate control.

Gradual Increases or Decreases in Heating

A modulating gas furnace works like a gas engine in a car. It can be off, full-throttle, or anywhere between a full stop and its maximum speed. The modulation aspect allows it to increase or decrease the heating power in tiny increments, much like a driver does when they adjust their pressure on the gas pedal in order to match the speed of traffic or slowly come to a stop for a stoplight. The furnace operates at full capacity for just a short time, then it reduces gas use for the duration of the heating cycle. The smaller flame and lower use of natural gas waste less energy.

Longer Heating Cycles

Modulating furnaces perform longer heating cycles than a single-stage furnace. These longer heating cycles minimize temperature swings in your home. The consistent temperature reduces the temptation to tinker with the thermostat, and this often yields additional energy savings.

Consider an Energy Star-Qualified Furnace

The Energy Star program evaluates appliances, including modulating gas furnaces, for their energy efficiency. The best-in-class modulating gas furnace offers 99% annual fuel utilization efficiency. This means only 1% of the gas used by the furnace is lost to flue gases. In 2019 dollars, this type of furnace saves an estimated $1,550 in energy costs over its lifetime. With an average furnace lifespan of 20 years, you’ll pay about $30 less per month in heating costs.

To learn more about how investing in a modulating gas furnace saves energy, take a look at Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.’s professional heating installation services, or call us today for additional information.

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