Annual Heating Maintenance Reduces Wear and Tear

The arrival of cool, crisp fall air means that cold winter weather will soon be on the way to Buffalo Grove, IL. Now is the time to make sure that your heating system is ready when the frigid air arrives. Let’s take a look at how annual heating maintenance performed by a qualified service technician reduces wear and tear on your heating system.

Reduce Buildup

An annual heating maintenance visit reduces dust and debris buildup on and within your heating system. This buildup clogs air filters and causes your heating system to cycle more frequently. According to Energy Star, clogged air filters can reduce heating system efficiency by 15%. The extra cycling causes more wear and tear on all parts of the heating system. During a maintenance visit, our technicians replace dirty air filters and clean critical components.

Lubricate Moving Parts

When parts of the heating system don’t have enough lubrication, they experience excess wear and tear. During an annual heating maintenance visit, our technicians lubricate the motors and fan blades. In older furnaces, we lubricate the motor and blower shaft bearings. Sufficient lubrication also reduces the amount of noise generated during each heating cycle.

Tighten Connections

Each heating cycle causes some vibration. The vibration may loosen key connections within the heating system. Loose connections may cause an electrical fault. Arcing or insufficient current may lead to significant damage to the heating system. We check for loose connections and tighten them.

Inspect Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger in a furnace must heat up quickly. Debris buildup in the combustion chamber reduces airflow over the heat exchanger, which causes improper combustion and a loss of furnace efficiency. We remove the debris from the gas valve, burner, and heat exchanger.

To learn more about the ways annual heating maintenance reduces wear and tear, take a look at Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.’s HVAC maintenance services, or get in touch with our qualified service technicians today.

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