Four Benefits of Installing a Snow Melt System in Your Home

Modern snow melt systems are truly a marvel. After all, these systems make the hard work of shoveling snow on pathways and driveways obsolete. Long used for commercial and industrial applications, snow melt systems are now available to homeowners, and they boast some great benefits. Consider four of the big reasons Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning offers these systems to customers.

Total Convenience

Very few people love waking up early to do the back-breaking work of shoveling snow. Shoveling for more than just a few minutes can leave you cold and sore. Maybe you’ve even hurt yourself shoveling wet, heavy snow or trying to clear ice from your walkways. Snow melt systems provide the perfect solution to your shoveling woes, increasing convenience and making it easier to take care of your home.

Snow melt systems offer more than just convenience in the terms of eliminating the need to shovel too. Many systems run on automated programs so that you don’t have to fuss with turning them on and off every day. Scheduling maintenance for your snow melt system is just as easy as scheduling service for your HVAC system.

Increased Safety

Cook County sees nearly 29 inches of snow every winter, several inches above the national average. While playing in it may be fun for kids, snow can also be dangerous. Almost everyone who has lived through a cold winter has slipped and fallen once or twice, which can lead to sore bodies and broken bones.

Installing a snow melt system is a great way to reduce fall risks. These systems can keep steps, porches, entryways, pathways and driveways free of snow and ice. Homeowners who enjoy regular visits from friends and family will really appreciate the benefits of safer walkways.

Reduced Property Damage

Our area is notorious for cold winters with very low temperatures. Preparing for those sub-zero temperatures means taking action to protect your property. Allowing snow or ice to stand on your walkways or driveways may lead to cracking. If too much snow melts at one time, water runoff may also do damage to your lawns and even your home’s foundation.

Preventing the buildup of snow and ice is essential to protecting your property, but it’s hard to do without some help. Salt and other chemicals can be used to melt ice, but these products can also damage concrete. Snow melt systems provide the perfect solution by continuously clearing snow and ice.

Added Property Value

Of course, all of their other benefits mean that snow melt systems also add value to real property. Whether you have your home appraised for insurance purposes or put it on the market, you’ll enjoy a bump in value if your home has a reliable, professionally installed snow melt system. These systems make an awesome long-term investment.

Keeping your home free of snow and ice shouldn’t break your back. Call the team at Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning today at (847)-388-0316 to find out how we can help you eliminate these winter woes.

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