Symptoms of Malfunctioning Commercial Heating Equipment

Is your commercial heating system working properly? Malfunctioning heating equipment is the last thing you want when the snow begins to fall in Lincolnshire, IL. Identifying potential problems early on can help ensure you stay open for business no matter how cold it gets outside. The following symptoms indicate your HVAC system needs repair services from qualified commercial HVAC experts.

Where’s the Heat?

If you use a central heating system in your business, pay attention to the airflow. The blower should deliver warm air until the building reaches a comfortable temperature. A dirty filter might be to blame if the airflow feels weak or ineffectual. If the blower shuts down altogether, call in the professionals. Fuel-burning systems come equipped with a fan limit control, a safety device that automatically turns off the heater to prevent the equipment from overheating.

What’s That Noise?

Whether you own a boiler, furnace, or heat pump, no heating system is completely silent. Familiarizing yourself with the normal sounds your heater makes helps you recognize when something’s amiss.

  • Loud clanks or bangs may indicate a bearing has come loose.
  • Squealing sounds might mean the equipment needs lubrication.
  • Something could be stuck in the blower’s blades if you hear thwapping noises.

Does the Equipment Need Service?

The primary reasons for malfunctioning heating equipment are dirt and neglect. Over time, normal wear and tear take a toll on critical parts and components. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance lets you sidestep the cost of avoidable repairs. It also helps to ensure your system always operates at peak efficiency and performance.

At Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we understand the importance of a well-functioning heating system during the cold-weather season. When something goes wrong with your system, count on our commercial HVAC experts to set things right. We’re proud to provide commercial HVAC services that help businesses in our community succeed.

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