Signs Your Commercial Heater Needs Replacing

Is your Vernon Hills, IL commercial heating equipment not delivering superior performance? Failing commercial heating systems affect more than your business’s energy costs. They also affect productivity and indoor air quality. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to invest in new heating equipment, here are some signs it’s time to make the call.

Equipment Struggles to Maintain Consistent Temperatures

One of the first signs that your building’s heating system is on its way out is when you have trouble maintaining comfortable temperatures. Sure, there are many reasons for inconsistent heating: leaky ductwork, dirty filters, and damaged thermostats. However, if you’ve had your heating equipment checked and none of those problems exist, the problem could be the heating system is struggling to distribute air properly because its interior parts are worn and the unit’s reaching the end of its lifespan. Commercial heating contractors can inspect your equipment and give you their professional opinion as to whether to repair or replace the unit.

Indoor Air Quality Has Diminished

Is your building’s indoor air quality diminishing? Are you noticing it’s harder to keep surfaces dust-free? Are your employees complaining of headaches, stuffy noses, and taking more sick days? A worn and damaged unit has trouble maintaining humidity levels causing mold to grow, and is more susceptible to leaks, which can cause chemicals to escape into the air. Replacing old heating equipment can drastically improve your building’s indoor air quality and your employees’ health.

Your Commercial Heating Equipment Is 10 Years or Older

It’s a myth that commercial heaters last longer than residential heating systems. Commercial equipment is built tough, but that doesn’t mean their interior parts don’t eventually wear down. Like residential heating systems, commercial systems start to show their age around the 10-year mark. While many factors influence how long a commercial system lasts, if you’re experiencing problems and the heating equipment is older, consider replacing it.

To learn more about commercial heating equipment solutions and for professional installation services, call Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc!

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