Signs of a Malfunctioning AC Condensing Coil

Your home’s AC system has a condenser coil responsible for moving cool air through your Morton Grove, IL, home. A malfunctioning condensing coil will affect how well your air conditioner controls the indoor climate. If you’re wondering whether your condensing coil needs servicing, here are three signs it’s time to call AC repair experts.

1. Unit Blows Hot Air

A condensing coil’s primary job is to remove heat from the air. When the coil becomes clogged or damaged, the cooling efficiency of your AC unit can go down as much as 30 percent. If you feel warm air coming from your vents, don’t put off calling for repairs. The coils might only need cleaning, but you want to get a professional’s eyes on the problem to know for sure.

2. Energy Efficiency Decreases

Have your energy bills risen, but your home doesn’t feel as cool as usual? Damaged condenser coils cause the AC unit to work harder than usual and increase electricity usage. Sometimes, you might not even notice a temperature difference, only a larger energy bill. You don’t want to ignore increases in electricity usage possibility related to your AC because it could lead to even more expensive damages to the system and reduce its longevity.

3. Leaks

Coils carry refrigerant, and if the coil’s damaged leaks can happen. A leak in the coil isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye. The most obvious sign of a refrigerant leak is performance issues. Yearly maintenance services can catch most leaks early and get them repaired before serious damage occurs to the AC system.

If you suspect your AC has a malfunctioning condensing coil, you want to act fast. Repairing a coil is a common repair that’s more affordable to fix than replacing an entire air conditioning system. Save money and stay cool in your home this summer. Contact the AC repair experts at Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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