How the Size of Your AC Directly Impacts Its Performance

If you’re upgrading your AC system, there are plenty of things to consider. Air conditioner sizing might be the most important question of all. If the unit is not properly sized for your Buffalo Grove dwelling, it can cause a variety of problems. An air conditioner that’s right-sized delivers the ultimate in comfort, optimized performance, and enhanced energy efficiency.

More Isn’t Better

Big air conditioners might appear powerful but looks are deceiving. An overly large system will waste energy and cost a fortune in upkeep. Oversized AC systems are constantly cycling on and off. They don’t get a chance to properly cool your home, remove airborne contaminants, or curtail indoor humidity.

Less Isn’t More

Undersized air conditioners cause trouble too. A unit that’s too small will be running all the time and struggling to satisfy the demand for cool air. Because the unit will be subjected to enormous wear and tear, it is likely to die prematurely.

How to Correctly Size an Air Conditioner

An experienced and knowledgeable HVAC contractor will always perform a Manuel J load calculation prior to installing a new unit. Sizing is based on the square footage of your home, sun exposure, insulation levels, window placements, and ceiling height. The results of this assessment are used to determine how much heating or cooling is needed and the correct size of a new unit.

Insist on Professional Air Conditioner Sizing

Not all HVAC contractors perform a Manuel J load calculation prior to an AC installation. Don’t let the contractor talk you into replacing your old AC with an updated version of what you already have. Properties can change over time. The right-sized system 10 years ago may be the wrong-sized system today.

The HVAC specialists at Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provide professional installation services that always include sizing the system.

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