Getting Ready for a Polar Vortex

A polar vortex is an arctic air mass that usually stays in the Arctic. However, when these frigid air masses become unstable, they can allow large swaths of arctic air to travel southward on the tail of the jet stream. The result is winter temperatures that are dramatically cold, even for winters in Cook and Lake counties.

Why a Polar Vortex Can Be Dangerous for Morton Grove, IL Homeowners

Furnaces and heat pumps tend to break down during extreme weather because it subjects them to increased stress. Whereas HVAC systems with weak links might be able to hang on during typically winters, the heating demands generated by an arctic air mass can push weakened heating systems over the edge. The upshot is that HVAC repair technicians are out fixing and replacing heaters 24/7. If your system goes out, it could take a day or two before a technician can fix it. Meanwhile, you and your family will be stuck in a cold house, and if you don’t have a generator, it could be a dangerous situation.

Heating System Maintenance Prevents Breakdowns

Industry research clearly shows that up to 95 percent of HVAC breakdowns happen because of equipment that’s poorly maintained. Heating maintenance removes system stressors like dirt buildup that interfere with heating performance and overwork the system. Maintenance primes your heater to operate at full throttle even in arctic air, and it identifies any weak links so they can be corrected.

Tuneups Save Money on Heating Repairs and Replacements

Annual maintenance can prevent most heating repairs and unanticipated heating replacements. Heat pump and furnace tuneups also help to contain energy costs so your utility bills won’t go through the roof. The cost of preventive maintenance is peanuts compared to the cost of a new system, and that makes it a good investment with a high rate of return.

To learn more about protecting your family from extreme weather in Cook and Lake counties in Illinois, this winter with heating maintenance, visit Assurance Heating and Air Inc. or call us directly at (847) 388-0316 to learn about our HVAC maintenance plans.

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